COVID-19 testing solutions for schools

LetsGetChecked has deployed testing solutions for 100+ clients and has kept schools safe whilst reducing administrative burden with our turnkey solution to COVID-19 testing.

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We have delivered over 2M tests into the home through our COVID testing solution and provided an end-to-end service with after care and support.

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Our COVID-19 testing solution and platform provides:

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Our team of experts

We understand that every situation is unique and we have a team of experts to help map out the right protocol for your school and its particular needs.

Picture of Robert Mordkin, Chief Medical Officer

Robert Mordkin

Chief Medical Officer

Picture of Gwen Murphy, Executive Director of Epidemiology & Clinical Trial Studies

Gwen Murphy

Executive Director of Epidemiology & Clinical Trial Studies

Picture of Eric Kwak, Chief Business Officer

Eric Kwak

Chief Business Officer

Program Overview

Students in classroom Students in classroom

Student sign up and registration

Students, parents or guardians are invited to sign up on a dedicated schools registration page by email or SMS. All participants will complete the registration process to create their accounts, confirm the day of testing and confirm drop off time of sample to school.

Test kit opened Test kit opened

Home testing for all students

Administrative burden is greatly reduced as testing is performed at home by the student or guardian.

LetsGetChecked will send home tests directly to students homes and tests can be distributed to students to bring home ahead of a scheduled testing requirements.

Test kit opened Test kit opened

Sample collected at home by guardian or parent

The LetsGetChecked home test is unique and allows for minors aged two years old and above to be tested in the home.

Students between ages 2 and 11 years old will need a guardian or parent to collect the sample for them. For students aged 12 and over parent or guardian can observe the sample collection process being performed by the minor.

Home testing Home testing

Quick, coordinated sample drop off locations

During the registration process students will confirm the day and location that the sample will be dropped off on campus.

Trained administrators will operate the drop off locations and track samples which have been received through the LetsGetChecked administrator portal.


Fast and accurate sample processing

Participant samples will be processed within the LetsGetChecked state of the art, high complexity CLIA laboratory. Samples from receipt in lab are resulted within 24 hours back to the participant and the school administrator portal.

All sample pooling will be performed within the LGC CLIA lab facility and there will be no requirement on administrators to perform this extra step.

Administration panel on laptop Administration panel on laptop

Track results and program status in real-time

Administrators will have the ability to track the status of a sample and results at a student level from a from a single dashboard.

Administrators will also be able to track which students have not been tested with on demand reporting.

Patient dashboard on laptop Patient dashboard on laptop

Participant results

Students and guardians will have access to their own portal throughout the process to track progress and access results.

On demand visibility will reduce administrative queries and allow for parents and guardians to track as needed.

Support from LetsGetChecked

Your health record is reviewed in real-time by a LetsGetChecked medical team member and additional support services will be provided to you as needed to help guide you on your next steps.

Dr. Robert Mordkin, Chief Medical Officer

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Contact our team to design a program for you Call (020) 3936-4095

Other reasons to choose LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked mobile lab

A partner who can help in all cases

LetsGetChecked can provide for full onsite testing services and for remote locations provide a mobile testing laboratory which can turn results around same day.

Bar chart showing LetsGetChecked with best result in study

Gold standard test, as ranked by FDA

The LetsGetChecked COVID test has been ranked as the most analytically sensitive home test on the market in a blinded study by FDA making it the right test for your students.

Our gold standard RT-PCR test has been validated for pooling at a ratio of 10:1 reducing the cost per test for each participant.

Two children in front of a parked school bus

No gaps, in who we can test

The LetsGetChecked at home COVID test is one of the only home tests approved for minors requiring only a guardian or parent to perform the test (aged 2 to 12) or for a parent or guardian to observe (aged 13 to 17) making it the perfect test to reduce administrative burden and onsite sample collection for your schools.