At LetsGetChecked, we empower individuals with genetic insights to help them better understand their risk and make informed choices about risk management and prevention.

In the third part of our Genetics at LetsGetChecked series, we spoke with our genetic counselor, Wendi Gill, to learn more about the benefits of genetic counseling and its role in the myGeneticScreen experience.

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your career journey to date.

Since a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. I was attracted to the field of genetic counseling because it beautifully ties together my interests in science and education.

Before joining the LetsGetChecked team, I worked as a genetic counselor in an academic setting and for a genetic counseling telehealth company. I am passionate about increasing access to genetic testing and genetic counseling services and am thrilled that LetsGetChecked is launching genomics offerings.

What is the most exciting aspect of working at LetsGetChecked?

LetsGetChecked is an innovative company whose purpose is to empower people to live longer, healthier lives. I am excited that LetsGetChecked is launching genomics offerings that will empower individuals to be proactive about their health and can help facilitate earlier detection of disease and preventative measures to mitigate risk.

What are the benefits of genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling helps individuals better understand their risk and make informed choices about risk management and prevention. Genetic testing has the potential to identify new knowledge about an individual’s hereditary risk, which can inform clinical decisions. Genetic counselors help patients navigate complex genetic information while supporting them through their genetic testing and diagnostic journey.

What role does genetic counseling play in the myGeneticScreen experience?

Genetic counseling is offered both pre-test and post-test for individuals who elect to take the myGeneticScreen test.

In a pre-test setting, genetic counseling allows individuals to learn information about the three conditions that are being screened for, learn if the myGeneticScreen test is appropriate for them, and ask any questions they may have about the potential results or the testing process.

In a post-test setting, genetic counseling allows individuals to understand their results in the context of their personal and family history. A genetic counselor will explain the results in detail, provide resources, and discuss actionable next steps.

What is involved in LetsGetChecked’s genetic counseling sessions?

Genetic counseling sessions at LetsGetChecked are tailored to each individual’s specific needs. During a typical genetic counseling session, information will be collected about an individual’s personal and family history and a risk assessment will be conducted.

Once results are available, they will be reviewed in the context of one’s medical history, and medical management recommendations may be discussed. If a hereditary syndrome is identified, there are discussions about which family members may benefit from genetic testing and counseling. Along with providing scientific information, genetic counselors also provide support and resources.

What is the future of genetic counseling, and how does LetsGetChecked fit into that?

As genetic testing becomes more accessible, there will be an increase in demand for genetic counselors to support individuals through the testing process. LetsGetChecked provides individuals with access to genetic counseling services both pre-and post-test, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare journey.

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