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Of the 19 million Americans who contract a sexually transmitted infection each year, only 50% are aware that they are infected.
World Health Organization

Hepatitis B causes serious liver infection and effect millions of people worldwide. Many people with hepatitis B have no symptoms until the later stages but symptoms, should they occur, may include:

  • Bleeding easily
  • Bruising easily
  • Fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Yellow discolouration of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
  • Dark-coloured urine
  • Itchy skin
  • Fluid buildup in the abdomen (ascites)
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Weight loss
  • Confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech (hepatic encephalopathy)
  • Spider-like blood vessels on the skin (spider angiomas)

You should wait a minimum of 30 days from the time of sexual intercourse before taking your test. Hepatitis infections take a period of time to become detectable, and you should wait to ensure an accurate result.

You should get tested if:

  • You have become sexually active
  • You have had unprotected sex
  • You are experiencing symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection
  • You are entering into a new sexual relationship
  • You have received a notification from a previous partner that they are infected (STIs can remain dormant for years or take up to three weeks to become detectible.)

How it works

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Discreet Delivery

Your test will be delivered to you in discreet packaging, with next day delivery. Order on-the-go without having to visit a doctor's office.

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Collect Your Sample

Activate your test and collect your sample in the morning. Return your sample on the same day, using the prepaid shipping label provided.

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Review Accurate Results

Once your sample arrives in the laboratory, confidential results will be available from your secure online account within 2 to 5 days.

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Get Medical Support

Our dedicated team of nurses are available 24/7 and will call you to explain your results.



We will deliver highly accredited lab tests directly to your door, with online results in 2 - 5 days. No more physician offices or needing to take time off work.


You control the entire testing process and can manage your test results from a secure online account. No more chasing doctors for your information.


You can take confidence in knowing that your health is being tracked, monitored and improved on an on-going basis with continuous support from our medical team.

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Comparison of products
Biomarkers Hepatitis B & C Testing Standard 6 Standard 6 Complete 11
Hepatitis B Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chlamydia No Yes Yes Yes
Gonorrhoea No Yes Yes Yes
Trichomoniasis No Yes Yes Yes
HIV (I, II, P24 antigen) No Yes Yes Yes
Syphilis No Yes Yes Yes
Gardnerella No No No Yes
Mycoplasma No No No Yes
Ureaplasma No No No Yes
Herpes Simplex Virus I & II (HSV I & II) No No No Yes


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