COVID-19 bulk testing for your organisation

Ensure that your employees, student body, colleagues, or production crew stay safe with bulk COVID-19 testing which they can conveniently take from home.

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Woman with test kit and screenshot of a Coronavirus test result

Tailored to your needs

Our wholesale testing service is scalable and can be tailored to support both small and large volume requests. We are currently supplying hundreds of organisations with our COVID-19 bulk testing solution.

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LetsGetChecked’s testing solution will help to increase safety at our events and is a key part of our medical strategy… giving us the ability to provide at-home testing with maximum convenience.
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How it works

LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test Kit

1. Choose your solution

Our medical experts will tailor a testing program to best serve your needs, advising on the number of tests you require and the logistics for testing & delivery.

Package being delivered

2. Delivery of shipment

Your organisation's shipment of tests will arrive within 24 hours, for your distribution amongst your employees.

Woman using a lower nasal swab

3. Sample collection

This gentle & non-invasive lower nasal swab can be self-collected by employees with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials available.

LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test Kit

4. Lab testing

Full RT-PCR sample analysis from our privately owned state-of-the-art facilities can confirm the presence of COVID-19.

Mobile phone displaying Coronavirus test results

5. Results Delivery

Secure results in just 24-72 hours after samples reach our lab, available on any device with aggregate reporting available.

Healthcare professional speaking on the phone

6. Patient support

Offering 24/7 telehealth services supported by licensed healthcare professionals for timely guidance on containment and care.

An easy-to-use collection kit

Your employees will receive a convenient at-home sample collection kit, including step-by-step instructions and a prepaid shipping label.

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LetsGetChecked Coronavirus test kit contents

Gentle & non-invasive

Unlike other COVID-19 testing, this gentle & non-invasive lower nasal swab can be self-collected by employees with video tutorials available.

Lower nasal swab being used

Our test

Gentle & non-invasive

Upper nasal swab being used

Other tests

More invasive & uncomfortable

Providing solutions for

Medical centers

Frontline staff may be at the most risk of contracting COVID-19. Look after you and your staff’s health so you can look after your patients with our testing solution.


Your university or college can bulk buy our tests so your students and staff stay protected throughout the academic year. Tests are for 18 years and over.

Film, TV, & Media

Ensure everyone on set is fit to work, from cast and crew to catering, with company COVID-19 testing they can take from home.

Office workspaces

Supporting both large and small volume requests, simply repost your tests to your employees’ homes, ensuring they are healthy before coming into the office.


Allow your employees to test for COVID-19 at home before they come into work with our bulk testing solution.

Large enterprise

We already work with hundreds of large enterprises to ensure the safety of the workplace with bulk COVID-19 testing.


Our COVID-19 testing solution is currently helping hundreds of US SMBs get their staff back to work safely, ensuring a healthy workplace for everyone.

Testing within our own high complexity laboratory

LetsGetChecked is the only FDA EUA-authorized at-home Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing solution that owns all aspects of the testing service, including our own CLIA/CAP/BSL II certified high complexity laboratory located in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we usually get about our Coronavirus Test (COVID-19). If you would like yours answered, please contact us.

The samples you order for your employees or members are processed in the same labs used by primary care providers, hospitals, and government schemes.

Our laboratories are CPA approved and ISO accredited, which are the highest levels of accreditation.

Test kits are manufactured within our ISO 13485 accredited facility, the highest level of accreditation for medical devices.

We have a team of doctors who will review the order and results of the test you have ordered for your employees or members. Our nursing team is on standby throughout the testing process to provide timely guidance around containment and care.

Reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) lab analysis is the gold-standard for COVID-19 detection, confirming the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a sample.

This test works by first converting the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which may be present in a sample, into DNA. This DNA will then be amplified to an amount which can then be detected and analysed by our team of clinical scientists within our CLIA-certified labs.

Our unique Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests do not require a cooling pack. LetsGetChecked uses a sample transport media which inactivates the virus (meaning it is no longer infectious), but preserves it for accurate sample analysis. This means that the virus is deactivated or killed in the transport tube and so will protect anyone should it spill or get opened before arriving in the lab. Other vendors may require chill packs, which can indicate that the test must get back to the lab within a short time period or the sample may not be viable to analyse.

Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests are available for use by all people aged 18 and over.

For our bulk testing solutions, we are unable to send tests directly to your employees or members. However, there is an easy solution in which you can repost the test kits out to your employees after we have delivered the shipment to your organisation. It is also possible for people to collect the tests from a designated collection point.

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